The “Everything” Salmon Bagel.

Not Birthed by me but Adopted and Loved.

When I tell y’all this Bagel is life! Please believe me. If you don’t, make it for yourself and tell me how mine could taste better. I’m already thinking that a fried egg might turn it up a notch. I would love to tell you that I’m eating one right now and enjoying a Mimosa, but I’m not. Instead Im drinking coffee and waiting for the oven to finally pre-heat so I can put my Tostino Pizza rolls in the oven before my next interviewee arrives. Life is speeding up for me and the luxury of fixing a thoughtful breakfast is just not a thing right now. I can still remember the days that I would drop the kids off to school and call my mom in the TJ Maxx parking lot because they weren’t open, and I didn’t want to stand by the door and appear “thirsty”. I was however, committed to purchasing my designer meyer lemon dish liquid in the blue mosaic bottle for a department store price. Ahhh the good life of walking through the clearance aisle in the home goods section and putting things in my cart I knew I would put back by the time I got close to the register (annoying). These days were in the initial month of my decision to stop working for another company and commit myself to my goals only AKA Entrepreunership. I struggled with keeping busy, and thats another blog post for another day. Anyways let’s get into the reason y’all are all here….

My love for a bagel adorned with smoked salmon began while on a trip with my girls in Cabo San Lucas. I am a person that has to eat hot food while it’s literally steaming (extra annoying). This is always an issue while I’m traveling because by the time the food makes it up to your room from room service its just hot enough to eat. Well I don’t like my men or my food “Just hot enough”. I’m married and he’s EXTRA hot so don’t no one go tell him I’m on here talking about hot men. Anyways, back to my need to find something on the menu that I could eat for breakfast that tasted good lukewarm, or was served cold. I can count on one hand how many sit down breakfasts my friends and I have had while on vacation, because we party and usually pay for it in the morning. It’s the shameful truth, but I don’t see that changing any time soon. Thus my love child was born. The Bagel with Smoked salmon and cream cheese, served with tomato, onion and capers on the side. 

The re-creation of this simple brunch was super fun, and I can’t wait for you guys to make it, and come up with your own tweaks to the ingredients. I won’t tell you step by step how to make it, because really there is no wrong way. What I will say is don’t overcook your salmon. Perfectly cooked salmon that’s flaked onto the spreads is most of the Magic of this dish. There are days that I crave the smoky taste of salmon, and I just go out and buy smoked salmon, but for this particular variation I used a large piece of salmon fillet that I baked that morning. Cajun spices are usually my go-to for salmon and they seem to pair really well with the spreads. The prep time for this brunch is like 15mins if you pre-cook your salmon the night before. If your a salmon lover like me or my son than you won’t mind having it for dinner and breakfast the next morning. I hope you guys love this dish as much as I do, and can’t wait to see what y’all come up with. Ingredients are listed below, as well as my not so professional picture of my “Everything” Salmon Bagel. 

Baked Salmon
Bagel (your choice but savory)
1 Avocado (smashed into a spread)
Whipped Cream cheese spread
“Everything but the bagel sesame seasoning blend”
Capers (add to taste)
Tomato (add to taste)
Yellow onion raw (add to taste)

If your thinking to yourself…”What the hell is a caper?”

Capers are little flower buds from a plant called a “finders rose” (or Caper Bush). Capers are bitter when picked off the bush, but when pickled they are the perfect marriage of salt and a lemony taste. They look like small green olives, and make you look extra sophisticated when you add them to pastas, sandwiches and this bagel.

If you know then you know, but if I taught you something new today I’m geeked. Until next time…

Andrea xo


Andrea Byrd

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