Hometown Hero.

Hometown SHE-ro. 

“I’ll just save those two questions for Mrs.Walker” said my ten year old as we worked on the Solar system this evening. “No you will not”,I said. Leaving your questions blank and waiting for the teacher is only an option when you have exhausted all of your resources. Which at this point would be pretty difficult with youtube, google, educational platforms, older cousins, parents, classmates (the list continues). I’m that mom “sorry, not sorry”. Doing homework with your children is saint’s work. It takes a level of patience that I am still learning and I’ll admit I curse in my head constantly while doing it. I have a 5th grader and a preschooler and boy…..I’ll tell ya these study sessions are trying. “Finish your vegetables!!” I’m trying to write a blog and it would go much smoother if you two could eat your green beans and talk like 40% less. They have literally been eating at the table for the last hour, and I can’t understand it. Hulk sits down and eats for 5 minutes and then spiderman joins us for 4 minutes (Mace is into masks) and neither of them eat a single piece of chicken. Mothering is saint’s work! My mature ten year old is also a commentator and feels the need to announce all things for example “Mace isn’t eating”, “Did you put butter on these green beans?” but the gag is..(bedtime won’t change just because you take forever to eat and study).

 Send Tequila.

Let’s get into this blog finally…I traveled to Orange County on Monday for business and the plane ride home inspired this blog post. I was sitting next to two men on the plane thanks to Southwest’s seat yourself policy. My girlfriend and I just couldn’t figure out the science and ended up sitting in the middle of strangers both up and back. Furthermore, I’m a snuggler and like to borrow a shoulder to sleep on while flying so I got zero sleep the way back. I heard the pilot say “welcome to Sacramento” and that excited me. Not only because I was super tired but because I love my city! I gazed out of the airplane window and it made me smile. It was about 9pm and the city was Lit up. I imagined what my family was doing, and that made me smile. I’m so emotionally attached to this city. I was born and raised here. 98 % of the people I love live in Sacramento and are literally just a 15 minute drive away on I-5 or 99 freeway. 

I can’t relate to people who want to move out of Sacramento. I love to travel and hope to see all crevices of the globe. I don’t want to leave home though. I feel safe here, secure, and supported. This is exactly where I want to raise my children and grow old with my husband. I hope to own property in other places of the world, but I also want to teach my grandkids the rich history of Sacramento. I hope to buy both of my Grandmother’s homes and host family gatherings. I want to give back to my community, and to encourage my children to do the same. I hope to be so embedded in this community that I make a difference, and create a legacy that is worth more than money. I’m so proud of the city that I live in and of the people who live here. I belong to a very small circle of people, but somehow the support people have shown me is much larger than my circle. 

I’m not emotionally attached to any particular part of the city, because I moved around and had to get familiar with the city in its entirety.  I am however smitten with the people that live here. I recently had the opportunity of working with individuals that have found themselves homeless. I became their nurse, accountability partner, advocate, and a listening ear. I heard some heart breaking stories, and that was the reason I came to work daily, dedicated to helping at least one person feel supported. I worked for an agency that I felt was truly supporting these individuals and would have loved to continue that work. Fortunately, some of the seeds I planted a couple years ago began to sprout and required my whole attention. It was time for me to work on my goals exclusively. The work I did at this clinic felt amazing, and I hope to get involved with the fight to end homelessness in the near future. I have a few ideas, but I’ve also learned at my age that you can’t have too many pots on the stove, because you’re bound to burn a dish. 

Art. It’s like dating an old boyfriend and things being super easy at first and then remembering why you broke up with the fool in the first place. Art is my peace, and my escape. I just wish it paid more. I would love to paint all day, everyday, taking inspiration from all things, but it just doesn’t pay the bills. I say that to say that I would love to do Murals, and get more involved in the Art community in Sacramento. I’m so excited about all of the emphasis that has been placed on Art in Sacramento. I hope to emerge myself in those social groups and to take lessons from local artists and improve on my skills. My goal is to one day complete a mural for “wide open walls”. While typing this blog post I happened to apply for “wide open walls” 2020. I have No Mural experience but what I do know is that I’m a student and always willing to learn new skills. I believe in “shooting your shot” and that is exactly what I will be doing all 2020. 

Speaking of art. Can we just take a minute to marvel over “Acorn Steam?” It is the Art Installation that is located in SMF. Link to the full article below.


This blog post is titled “hometown hero”, but I’m wise enough to know that I’m only a She-ro in my own home. I’m important to only those that make me important, and that is ok with me. I want to add to my community and give others a reason to love Sacramento. It is a lovable city and deserves the respect of any state capitol. “Sactown never back down” (in my husband’s voice) he’s not from here and teases me, but I like to think my city is growing on him. Thank you for spending time with me and my blog.

Andrea xo


Andrea Byrd

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful, raw words. They touched me. Will pray for you and your wife as you heal in many ways. Marcellina Alphard Alber

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