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  1. Well balanced and sensible. 

So I know a medium y’all. However, I didn’t know she was a medium when I first met her. I soon found out when she sat next to me and shared some very personal observations she conducted of me while she was around me. I ain’t gonna lie, I was shook and still am. For those of you that don’t know what a medium is let me do my best to find you an expert definition. “A medium uses his or her psychic or intuitive abilities to see the past, present and future events of a person by tuning into the spirit energy surrounding that person. This means mediums rely on the presence of non-physical energy outside of themselves for the information relevant to the person being read.” If your interested in knowing more about this topic please visit my source of information.  
Read more: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/what-is-a-medium-rebecca-rosen/all#ixzz64vc35594

Well I had my cards read on tuesday and that inspired me to write this blog post. Can you be religious and also believe in mediums and psychics? Can you pray and have faith while believing in Mercury retrograde and the power of sage-ing your home? I’m not sure, but what I do know is what I felt while getting my cards read. That moment is very personal to me, and I’m just not quiet ready to share because I’m still processing. I’m really not sure if your supposed to share those experiences or not, let me consult my medium and I’ll get back to y’all. What I will share is that the card that was pulled for my “future” was; grounded. That put things into perspective for me, and encouraged me to get back  into nature. I have felt really all over the place lately, and have strayed away from some of the healthy habits I created for myself this past year. One of those habits was my increased effort to be in nature, and feel the soil under my feet and the stream water between my fingers. It was also my commitment to working out at least 4 times a week.

Friday I had planned to go to Lake Clementine and hike, but I also wanted to bring my son and make sure the trails were safe for my big boy. I would have loved to bring my daughter but the way my co-parenting life is setup. It wasn’t my weekend so we will definitely be hiking this weekend. After some research I decided to take my son to a place called Hidden Falls Regional Park. This particular park is located in Auburn, Ca and it’s the first time I had heard of it. I rely on Yelp so much that I of course yelped it and decided it would be a suitable place to reignite my love for hiking and exploring. I live in Sacramento and the drive up to Auburn is about one hour each way. Pleasantly my son was on his best behavior and entertained with the scenic drive up to the park. He was so pleased with himself, and his ability to ride quietly. He had to point it out by saying “ Mom, I’m being so quiet on this ride. Right?” I of course gave him some positive feedback and told him how pleased I was. I then asked him what his favorite thing was about the ride, and he stated the music was good, and asked if I could turn it up. 

We finally got to the park. It is located in what I would call a rural neighborhood. Equipped with a few granola bars, two oranges and water to share between us we headed out. I didn’t bring my phone because I wanted to focus on nature and not taking pictures of my extremely cute son. I had my Apple Watch on but had no reception so it only beeped and buzzed when I reached my step goals. They have a map when you first get there that shows you the location, distance, and difficulty of the trails. I decided on a trail called “poppy trail” that was 1 mile each way, and rated “difficult”. The waterfall at the end of the trail sold me. I was hiking with a four year old, so I considered the fact that I might have to carry him part of the way back, but I accepted the challenge. This particular trail was a dirt trail and involved both incline and decline. There were bikers and horses on the trail with us, and it was so cool for my son to see these majestic animals so close. He gathered several walking sticks through out our hike, and was visibly having a great time. We didn’t stop for a break until we got down to the waterfall. The sound of the water was so peaceful and acted as background music during our hike. We encountered a few birds, but no reptiles (that I know of). Caution: There are signs that say there may be rattle snakes or mountain lions but thankfully we had no sightings of either. We made it down to the falls and found a place to enjoy our granola bars and take in the beauty of the falls. We then had a rock skipping contest and headed back up. We arrived to the park at 3:30pm and with it getting dark around six we had to keep moving so we weren’t trekking in the dark.

My son surprised me with his ability to hike back up the trail all on his own. He didn’t complain once and there were times he challenged me to a race back up to the top. On our way up I was drawn to a large rock that was turquoise, not sure if that was manipulated by people or nature but it was beautiful. I took a minute to grab hold of the rock, and meditate. It was the color of the healing stone, and I breathed with intention in that moment. Continuing our hike up we spotted another waterfall with a super cute couple sitting near by. I decided to impose real quick and take in the energy of that waterfall. They gave me a smile, and as I headed back up they kissed and it was so sweet. I’m a real sap for love, and I couldn’t resist watching and feeling the magic of that moment ( creepish?). As we reached the end of our trail, and my son saw the cars he cheered and gave me a triumphant high five. That was a beautiful moment and one of the highlights of my trip to Hidden Falls. The drive home was peaceful, and I’m still sort of on a high from the day. In trying to ground myself I hope to hold soil from places near and far. I am setting a goal to hike somewhere different once a week regardless of how hectic my schedule gets. I plan to take my children on many more adventures and encourage them to experience nature as much as possible. I highly recommend Hidden Falls Regional Park and look forward to connecting with you and hearing stories of your adventures. Until next time Family….

Andrea xo


Andrea Byrd

4 thoughts on “Grounded.

  1. This is amazing. I have hidden falls on my list, too. Hopefully will make our way up there upcoming spring time.

    It’s interesting that you met with a medium, I use to watch the videos on youtube of mediums at talk shows doing what they do. It fascinates me but also scares me. I’d like to say I’ll pray on it, but don’t if that’s an oxymoron or not. Sometimes I want to reach out to one, but other times, I get scared!

    Let us know what your medium says about you sharing your experience, I’m really interested in knowing about it!

    1. Hey Syd!
      The cool thing about my run in with a medium is that I didn’t go looking for one. I had never been interested in cards or being read. She is a friend and happened to just chat with me about some things she was picking up. It wasn’t until a later date that I allowed her to read my cards. I am spiritual and have done some of my own research on the topic. I was raised christian and told that it’s not good to believe in mediums or anything like that. After doing my own research I have drawn my own conclusions. I loved Hidden falls and you and the hubby should totally go there.

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