Halloween 2019

Co-Parenting is a beautiful mess. I’m no expert on the topic. Far from it, but I’m learning and growing daily. Co-Parenting can be so frustrating around the holidays, not only for the parents but mainly for the child/children. Our daughter is now ten and she is much more vocal about her needs and has no problem getting them met. This year was the first year that I didn’t see my daughter on the Fourth of July (if you don’t count social media) and that was so new for me and sad. Her dad and I usually split each major holiday. I can’t pretend to not be discouraged at times, but I stay lifted in the fact that my daughter is happy. I have a terrible habit of saying “my” daughter and “my” kid when referring to both of “my” children (see I did it again..smh) I’m working on it, so bare with me y’all. It’s sort of difficult to make two Fourth of July parties in one day, or to decide or remember who she did fireworks with the previous year. So this year she opted to stay with her dad and join me next year. I of course respected her teen-ish request and tried not to look too bummed out ( I cried internally y’all). Like I said I’m growing daily so I still drop a few thug tears every now and again. 

Halloween has become one of my favorite stress free holidays. Team A’Mariea rallied together and came up with a plan that suits everyone. Halloween is the rare holiday that brings together our respective sons and our collective daughter. I pray that the tradition continues and I’m so proud of the growth and maturity level we have all reached. We’ve all been at this game for about 75% of our daughter’s life, and things are on auto-pilot for the most part these days. Trying to read A’Mariea while we are all together is still a little difficult for me. She is in uncharted territory when we are all together and I can see her problem solving her way through emotions and feelings and it makes me extremely proud. Having two brothers close in age and trying to be a big sister to both of them at the same time is a science she hasn’t mastered yet, but im betting she will (she’s just that good). She is such an amazing sister and her empathy level is mature and far beyond her years. However, there was a moment this halloween that I could tell she was flustered with dragging two indecisive boys around. Thank goodness their mamas were there to reassure her that she can still be teen-ish and we have her back. She rejoined her cousins and we grabbed the boys. A weight was lifted and at that moment she was free and ten. Being an older sibling comes with responsibilities, but it’s our job as parents to keep things fun and light hearted. I’m so thankful and happy for this Halloween tradition we’ve created and as soon as life chills (whew..)  I hope to plan a large party where we can all vibe out..

Stay Tuned

Andrea xo

Pictured left to right:Theirs(batman).Mine(Captain America).Ours (Cheetah)


Andrea Byrd

7 thoughts on “Theirs.Mine.Ours

    1. Hey Chelsea,
      Thanks for visiting my blog you gorgeous Mama! I hope that we can use this space to share Mama tips and advice.


  1. Very nice my dear….we we’re the Brady bunch when i got married he had 2 and i had 2.. They were raised together for most of their life’s. It’s hard at times but rewarding at others. We came together and hung out for the kids sake. Your doing a wonderful job.

    1. Hey Carmen,
      It’s so great to hear from you and thank you so much for reading my blog. I love your Brady bunch family and I admire you and hubby’s resilience throughout your marriage. Raising kids is tough and you guys have done an amazing job. I’ve learned so much these past 8 years of Coparenting and I hope to inspire others, and show them that it’s totally possible.

    1. Hey Lanessa,
      How are you babes? Thanks so much for coming to check out my blog, and I’m so happy that you liked it. I hope your doing well, and hope that you keep following my blog posts.


      1. Co parenting is so hard, but once you figure out a happy medium its so rewarding!!! She has the best of both worlds. Me and my baby mama are good friends. Once I realized she truly loves my children and wanted the best for them, it became so much easier!! Big ups to all of you!!

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